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What we offer

Först Consulting Group provides construction defect inspection, and forensic investigative services, to identify construction issues, defect or violations.

Services include:

- Building Pathology 
- EIFs and Stucco
- Home Energy Performance 
- Insulation and Attic Ventilation 
- Infrared Thermography
- Water and Air Infiltration 
- Moisture Management 
- Failed Shower Systems
- Exotic Hardwoods
- Vapor Retarders/ Barriers 
- Frozen Water Pipe Issues
- Structural Performance 
- Siding and Rain Screens
- Forensic Expert Witness Services

We look at designs, structures, materials, and installation, in order to understand and identify issues relating to construction procedures, code violations, material defects, site conditions, and construction quality. Evidence produced in our inspection can be used to mitigate a case, or lead to its resolution without going to trial.

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October 12, 2015

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