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  • "Trying to Confirm Suspicion of Cheating"
    We had been together for 15 years and married for 5 years after that and with the third kid on the way. So, it was shocking, to say the least, when I found an email in the trash folder that suggested my husband had tried to book two round-trip tickets to Vegas over the weekend, when I am supposed to take the kids to meet with extended family. I was unable to decide on the next step when a close friend suggested contacting the infidelity expert, Digital Investigation. Their investigation subsequently was able to exonerate my husband from my suspicions and I was all the more glad for it.
  • "Loved One Was Cheating "
    To my deep dismay I found faded lipstick marks on my husband’s shirt and I could not bring myself to ask him about it. After that I watched him closely and he seemed more secretive than usual. I tried to find out what was happening but hit a dead end. So, I took the digital route and contacted the infidelity expert, Digital Investigation, whose findings sadly revealed that my loved one was cheating.
  • "Bug Sweep of House and Car"
    I strongly suspected that there were bugs in both my house and car after I found my ex posting cheap comments on social media, which seemed to indicate she had a fair idea as to what I was doing at any given time. I contacted Digital Investigation and found their bug sweep services starting at $1500 to be highly efficient. Thank You, Digital Investigation.
  • "Checking Video for License Plate "
    My girlfriend was going through a caustic divorce and it so happened that someone broke into her house, probably looking for evidence to use against her in the divorce proceedings. Although CCTV had not captured the facial images, there was a fuzzy capture of the license plate which required enhancement. We approached Digital Investigation for this purpose and they were able to produce an adequate enhancement which really helped our cause.
  • "Spyware Problem on LG Phone"
    I was positive that my LG phone was hacked, there were the usual signs, draining battery, camera turning on, fuzzy on certain calls; and I had a fair idea of who it could be, but I wanted digital proof and so I reached out to Digital Investigation to provide me the same. I was very satisfied with the report eventually produced, as it gave me the requisite evidence to file a complaint with the local authorities.
  • "iPhone Mayhem"
    My iPhone 7 suddenly started to behave as if it was possessed, like it would not operate normally while charging, scroll up and down randomly, and the camera would come on automatically. I took it to the local phone guy and he could not help, so I sought the help of the Spyware/Malware expert, Digital Investigation, who were able to detect malware. Further investigations had revealed possible suspects and I am trying to use this information to file a complaint with the local authorities.
  • "Ex Using VPN for Hacking"
    I knew a bit about tech stuff myself, so I was convinced that someone was accessing my phone via VPN and looking at my GPS information. I also was convinced it had to be my ex-girlfriend. To find out more about this though I contacted the digital forensics expert, Digital Investigation and they were able to provide a comprehensive report, which gave a detailed description of the programs accessing my phone. I am trying to consult an attorney now to see what can be done.
  • "Boyfriend Caught Cheating on Tinder"
    I and my boyfriend of 3 years were thinking of taking the plunge when one of my closest friends told me she saw either my boyfriend or a look-alike on Tinder. I decided to investigate and sought the services offered by Digital Investigation. It came to light that not only was he active on Tinder, he was meeting girls from other dating apps as well in person regularly for one-night flings. Needless to say, I called off the marriage.
  • "Surprising Infidelity Discovered"
    I had married my boyfriend of 7 years, who was the nerdish type, and for years I believed his routine was work and outings with me, repeated over and over. After the birth of our first kid, if anything, his world seemed to constrict more and so it was really surprising when I found strange stains in his undergarments. I decided to watch him closely and finally contacted the infidelity experts Digital Investigation to look into his computer, even though I did not know the password. Digital Investigation’s findings shocked me, to say the least, but their evidence helped me start a meaningful dialogue with him and we are now trying to work things out.
  • "Ex Shying Away from Child Support"
    We got divorced and my ex started to not honor his child support payments almost immediately but I got word he was already into another affair. I wanted proof of this so that the courts can in fact impose a harsher ruling and so looked around and contacted the company, Digital Investigation, who were able to supply me with the required information in the form of a report. Thank You!!
  • "Hidden Spyware on Phone"
    I knew that my phone was not the same ever since I had quit my last job. My ex-boss was a sleaze and I suspected he may have planted some spyware in it in order to monitor me. I sent my devices to Digital Investigation and they were able to detect and eliminate all traces of spyware. In fact, their report pointed in the direction of my ex-boss, but I just did not want to pursue this further. Really appreciate the good work of Digital Investigation though.
  • "Husband Cheats Again"
    My husband had cheated and admitted to it in the distant past. He had convinced me then that this will not happen again but I saw signs again that he might be involved. This time I wanted concrete evidence to possibly file for divorce and thus contacted the digital forensics and infidelity experts, Digital Investigation. Their investigation confirmed my worst fears and this time I could not be convinced and have filed for divorce.
  • "Shocked by the Digital Truth"
    Even as I allowed the infidelity experts to get remote access and check my husband’s devices I was hoping against hope that my suspicions were wrong and that my spouse of 30 years was not really cheating. Unfortunately, I was shocked by the digital truth, too grotesque to be described here. I would like to thank Digital Investigation though for the amazing service.
  • "Hacked for 5 Years"
    Ever since I had moved into this condo, I felt someone was controlling my devices. I exhausted every possible route of investigation, including the cops, FBI, DA, the local computer guys, before finally reaching Digital Investigation after 5 years. Everyone previously had said they will not be able to help with my situation, with the computer guys professing to have corrected everything by cleaning my computer. Digital Investigation were able to provide clues as to who this could be but I was not satisfied with the final outcome, though I could see they did their best.
  • "Character-Check for Divorce"
    I filed for divorce as soon as I found out that he was seeing other women. I saw this with my own eyes. But I needed proof, either photos or digital to prove his character so that I can have full custody of our kids. For this I contacted Digital Investigation and they were able to provide both kinds of proof.
  • "Cyberstalked Through Our Devices"
    My wife, who is a professional bar singer, told me she suspected she was being stalked both offline and online, perhaps by some crazed fans. I bought her an emergency phone in case she needed to call me but she said she had tried using it once but it showed only a blue screen when keying my number. I also found my own Samsung Phone behaving strangely, like I felt the camera might be clicking by itself. We were sure our devices were hacked and so decided to get professional help in the form of Digital Investigation, whose investigation of our devices yielded unsavory but useful evidence that we used to file a report with the local authorities.
  • "Computer Making Sounds In Sleep Mode"
    I was pretty sure I was being spied through all possible routes; phones, computer, router and my computer would make strange noises in the middle of the night in sleep mode and my phone camera seemed to suddenly click. I knew who might be behind this but I needed solid evidence and for that I contacted Digital Investigation and their forensics analysis proved the turning point in my investigation.
  • "Stepdad Spying on my Dad"
    After my parents got divorced my dad got custody of me, like I wished, and I was happy growing up with him. But it seemed like even after I had reached adulthood my mom and my stepdad won’t leave my dad alone as I could see him worrying about being spied on both at home and at his business. I wanted to help him out and thus did some online research and suggested the name of Digital Investigation to him for help in this matter. I think he was fairly satisfied with the overall service and I could see that he was a less worried man than before.
  • "Helped in Finding Infidelity "
    We had been married for 25 years and all our kids were over the age of 18 and in college. It seemed hardly possible then that my husband would seek love elsewhere so late in his life, but I began suspecting that he indeed was doing this. I was confused about my own feelings but decided to find the truth and contacted Digital Investigation. Their investigation of his devices did bring the truth to light and I am now contemplating divorce.
  • "Employee Passing on Info to Ex"
    I recently got divorced from my husband, who was a slacker. However, I own and run a successful business and a few days after this I started suspecting that my ex might still be having a nose in my affairs using a mole in my own office. I decided to have my devices checked by Digital Investigation. The evidence they provided helped in the pinpointing of the mole and needless to say I had him fired immediately.
  • "Unfaithful Husband Trapped"
    Despite promises my husband continued being unfaithful and I laid a trap to catch him red-handed. I pretended I was not suspicious anymore and then contacted Digital Investigation, the infidelity experts to have them analyze his devices. He was speechless when I presented to him the evidence in the form of a report and I did not wait to hear more false promises. I filed for divorce.
  • "Coworker Spying Out of Malice"
    For inexplicable reasons I and another coworker were always at loggerheads, but I did not believe when some of my other coworkers claimed she had approached my unattended phone and “put things” into it. That was until the time I started missing numbers and I would hear static right at the time of making an international call. I thought about this and decided to approach Digital Investigation for help and I was glad I did, because the evidence they provided helped me in taking precautions.
  • "Custody Woes"
    We were getting divorced and I was extremely sure that my ex would prove to be a very bad influence on our children with his alcoholism and his slacker attitude, so I wanted to limit his contact with our children by allowing him only visitation rights and to that end I contacted Digital Investigation for help in gathering the required proof of his character. They did not disappoint.
  • "Ex-Fiancé Spying for Revenge"
    I broke off my engagement with my boyfriend when I came to know that he was involved in illegal online activities but he did not take it well and soon after leaving his house I had a sense that my calls were being monitored and I was being monitored remotely as well through the camera. I contacted Digital Investigation for help and they were able to provide a solution to the spyware problem on my phone.
  • "Recovering Hidden Messages"
    I had suspected for some time now that my wife may be using an app that allowed her to generate a number not related to her actual phone number to send and receive messages. That could be the reason why every time I tried checking her messages I came up cropper. I enlisted the help of the infidelity experts Digital Investigation and true to their reputation they were able to get the evidence I was looking for.
  • "Out-of-State Infidelity Investigation"
    My husband travels out of state often in regards to his work and I had to take his word when he said he was in such and such place at such and such time. Of late I started noticing an aloofness in his attitude which disturbed me and I decided to find the truth. I contacted Digital Investigation and their investigation of his devices confirmed that he was being unfaithful when out of town. I confronted my husband with this evidence and have given him 3 months to mend his ways or else I am going to file for divorce.
  • "Child Custody Proof"
    Digital Investigation came through for me when I was in troubled waters trying to win partial custody of my kids. Their evidence, in no small measure, helped me to stay in touch with my children at least for part of the week. Really thankful to them.
  • "Wife Left Suddenly"
    When my wife of 15 years suddenly left me I was distraught and wanted to know what had happened. I knew our inability to have kids together was a topic of friction between us but then each of us had kids from our previous marriages. In order to find the truth, I sought the help of the digital forensics experts Digital Investigation to see if something can be discovered through our home computer which she had used as well. The findings sent me into deeper depression because it suggested she was registered with a swinger’s club, but like Digital Investigation pointed out, I surely deserved better than this and so I decided to let her go.
  • "Cheating Significant Other"
    When my significant other started being secretive I began to suspect he may be chasing tail again. I knew he has done this many times before as revealed by his former girlfriends. So this time around I sought the help of Digital Investigation to get hard evidence so I can use it when confronting him. An investigation then of his devices got me the required evidence and we are now both undergoing counseling.
  • "Ex-Fiancé in My Computer"
    I broke up with my long-time boyfriend and fiancé when I found him trifling once too often the idea of marriage. When we were together I had allowed him access to both my personal and work laptops and in hindsight I think that was stupid. He is a network admin guy and I guess before I left he had planted some spyware on both of my laptops, which I was sure made them behave unpredictably. I also believed that he may have been monitoring me via a secret keylogger software. To check on all of this I decided to use the services of a digital forensics company, Digital Investigation. Their analysis and reports substantiated my hunches and they were able to remove all the malignant spywares and advised me on how to tackle future intrusions.
  • "Persistent Cyber-bullying "
    Soon after I and my cousin got fired from an Internet startup we started sensing a kind of online presence zooming over us. We felt it in every electronics we used and we felt it while driving our car, and we were not imagining it since we both felt it separately. My cousin suggested contacting Digital Investigation, who he had heard specialized in Spyware/Malware investigations, and we did exactly that. What ensued was a long-drawn investigation with many stages and false alarms and we have to admit we were frustrated quite a bit, but the final report did have something tangible that we were able to use against the perpetrators.
  • "Blackmailed by Hired Hacker"
    I was trying to hire a hacker on to hack into my girlfriend’s phone when the strategy backfired. The hacker I was talking to came back with a lame “software stuck, need money to buy solution, else my girlfriend will be notified”. I knew he was just trying to skim me but then he had my girlfriend’s name and contact number and I realized what the veiled threat was and decided to contact Digital Investigation to help me with this. The solution they provided was solid and I never heard back from him again, nor from my girlfriend that something unusual happened. Many thanks to Digital Investigation.
  • "My Computer as Host"
    I had very strong reasons to believe that one of my Apple computers may have been hacked and it being possibly used as a host for various nefarious online activities. I contacted Digital Investigation to confirm both this and also gather digital evidence to exonerate me in case I was framed in the future. The service that Digital Investigation provided was exceptional and although my worst fears did not come true, I was glad I proactively had my computer checked by Digital Investigation and the resultant report.
  • "Dating a Programmer "
    After dating a programmer, contrary to what my friends had suggested, I felt connected and we decided to move in together. He was very secretive with his phone and I had thought that was just an extension of his being obsessed with his laptop, so I let it slip, but as days passed I was convinced he was up to something on his phone and contacted Digital Investigation to help me find out. What I found disgusted me to the core and I ended our relationship immediately.
  • "Hacked Samsung Galaxy Phone"
    When my new Samsung Galaxy phone started exhibiting weird characteristics like battery draining in an hour, weird messages from unknown numbers, and a feeling that the camera turned on by itself, I contacted Digital Investigation to make sure there are no signs of malware or spyware. As it turned out there was nothing, just the fact that I may have purchased a device with faults (although of course that had nothing to do with the weird messages). Would like to still appreciate Digital Investigation for their quick response.
  • "Lost Long Friend"
    It is not every day that you try to locate your friend from childhood but when I did contact Digital Investigation about this and gave them the few details I knew about his last whereabouts they lent a kind and understanding ear and after a matter of a few days were able to secure an email address that they believed belonged to the lost friend. And after communicating it indeed was confirmed that it was my lost friend and thus I was very pleased with the work performed by Digital Investigation.
  • "Reduced Alimony "
    In the process of gathering evidence against my wife for a subsequent divorce proceeding I had contacted Digital Investigation for help and they were able to help me gather enough evidence, that I believe, went a long way in reducing the alimony. Many thanks to them.
  • "Wife Claiming Infidelity Over a Video"
    I was caught completely unawares when my wife once suddenly produced a video, in which an individual who seemed like my look-alike was necking and kissing a girl in a park and my wife claimed that it was me. Whatever other incidents of infidelity I might have been involved in, I knew this was not me, because I had not visited that park in 2 years, and I knew she must have hired a PI to supposedly follow me around to get this. We decided to resolve the matter by contacting Digital Investigation whose enhancement and analysis of the video finally exonerated me of what my wife was accusing me of.
  • "Video Enhancement in a Criminal Case"
    Our lawyer sought out Digital Investigation in order to enhance a video associated with a criminal case, the purpose being to enhance the video enough to read out the license plate number. This goal was achieved and we were able to proceed further with the case. Will recommend Digital Investigation for the good work.
  • "Aided in Getting Joint Custody"
    My ex was determined in wresting custody of our kids from me and allowing me only visitation rights. She was so keen she started inventing stories to feed to the courts, that is when I decided to present my own story, only this was a true one. I contacted Digital Investigation for this and with their help was able to present the correct and proper perspective on the situation to the courts and based on that I was granted joint custody of our kids and I could not be happier.
  • "Discovered Girlfriend Cheating"
    My close friend once hinted that my girlfriend had made amorous advances to a mutual friend but I had brushed that aside thinking that it was before our time together, but then a little bit into our relationship I got the uneasy feeling that I may not be the only man in her life. I tried to get to her devices but she was very careful with them and had locks on all of them. I contacted Digital Investigation and they found a way to get inside her laptop and what they unearthed was not pleasing. I did not confront my girlfriend but based on the evidence I decided to end our relationship.
  • "Evidence for Divorce"
    My wife of 9 years suddenly seemed distant and although we had no kids from the marriage (we had children from our respective previous marriages) our bond had been strong and thus I was troubled. This turned to despair when out of the blue she suggested divorce. Although heartbroken, a friend of mine advised me to gather as much evidence as possible against her in case she demands an unfairly high spousal support. I contacted Digital Investigation and they produced a report after investigation of her devices and I am now awaiting her next move.
  • "Divorce/Child Custody Problem"
    My daughter had suspected for long that her husband was addicted to porn and thus felt her home was no longer safe for their kids, aged 6 and 8. She wanted to file for divorce and sole custody of the children but before that was intent on getting as much proof as possible if it turns nasty. We contacted Digital Investigation after gathering his devices and they analyzed them and gave us reports that we will be using in trial soon. Their customer service was good as well as the turnaround time.
  • "Evidence in a Criminal Case"
    Our law firm sought the help of Digital Investigation when they needed evidence pulled off of a Chromebook in a criminal case. Digital Investigation immediately sent out a secure courier to have the device picked up and since we opted for their highest service, we got our first report, which they call Phase I, in a matter of 3 days. I am not allowed to reveal more but would certainly recommend them.
  • "Infidelity Exposed"
    Never in my wildest dreams I thought my wife, my high school sweetheart, would start distancing herself from myself and be disinterested in our children. I needed to find the truth and contacted Digital Investigation whose analysis of her phone revealed the painful truth that she was in a relationship and with two men at that at the same time. I filed for divorced and sole custody of our kids.
  • "Spousal Support"
    I knew my soon to be ex-husband will try to wriggle out of spousal support quoting inadequate income, so with foresight I got some of his devices, which I could manage to get my hands on, imaged by Digital Investigation and the content of their report contained references to how well his business is doing. Now I am just waiting to go to trial.
  • "Cheating Wife"
    I wanted to confront my wife with proof of her infidelity, so I contacted Digital Investigation whose methods including remote acquisition finally got me what I had been looking for, and when I presented the evidence to my wife she was dumbstruck and without saying a word moved out of my house, which was all the more okay with me. I will be filing for divorce soon which should not be a hassle since we have no kids.
  • "Efficient and Speedy Work"
    Efficient and speedy work was performed by Digital Investigation when our small law firm contacted them about recovering information from a cell phone for a criminal investigation. We will recommend them based on this experience.
  • "Evidence though inconclusive Helped"
    I needed help in proving that my wife was living with another man in order to reduce the quantum of spousal support and contacted Digital Investigation, who came highly recommended. They did their best but we had little or nothing to go by in terms of her devices and finally it looked like the evidence may prove inconclusive. In the end though the ruling was not all that bad and I got to know through the grapevine that the digital evidence played its part.
  • "Cheated Girl"
    I finally met a guy whom I felt was my soulmate but my hopes were belied when an investigation of his phone and tablet by Digital Investigation revealed he was involved with many other girls as well. Thanks to Digital Investigation I stopped going up a blind alley.
  • "Cheating Wife of 20 Years"
    The last thing I expected to see on my wife’s FB messenger (which she had accidentally left open) was erotic messages from a seemingly much younger man; as I heard her coming back, I pretended not to have noticed. Later I asked her in an offhand way if she had anything to confess but she just chided me. Later I contacted Digital Investigation and their forensic analysis of her phone just confirmed the extent of her affairs, yes not one, but three of them. I was disgusted and immediately filed for divorce; our kids were already in college.
  • "Cheating Fiancée"
    I had recently proposed to my colleague of 4 years but instantly regretted it, the reason being that she was too extroverted and I knew she was involved in a few flings, but had still proposed in a moment of unbridled passion. From thereon I plotted of ways to break off our engagement, and the most obvious way seemed to let her know that I knew of her flings. Thus, I contacted Digital Investigation, and during one of the nights she was staying over, they managed to clone her phone remotely and then give me a report in a few days’ time. With this in hand I confronted her and we broke into an altercation which finally broke up our engagement.
  • "Helped in Child Support Payments"
    Our divorce was well thought out, there was no ill-will as we both agreed we do not make a good couple; so, it surprised me when she claimed child support payments that was much higher than what I could afford, especially when her income was much more than mine. Although I loved my children and wanted to do my best, I knew that such high payments will surely ruin me and I contacted Digital Investigation to prove this in the courts, which they were able to do admirably, using both of our devices (in her case the home computer she had left behind). Thank You, Digital Investigation!!
  • "Heartbreaking Discovery"
    The day of reckoning for my husband came when I presented to him a report from Digital Investigation, about the activities on his devices. He could not deny what was seen but at the same time he did not offer an apology. I then decided he was not regretful or respectful of our marriage, so decided to leave him. We have subsequently filed for divorce; we have no children.
  • "Cheating Wife of 10 Years"
    It isn’t everyday that you find out that your spouse is cheating and when I did, it hit me like a ton of bricks. In order to confront her though I needed proof, because I knew she was capable of lying. I contacted Digital Investigation and they got me the digital truth and for better or worse we have filed for divorce.
  • "Financial Info on Wife"
    My wife was making withdrawals from our joint account and was not communicating with me about it and she tried to parry away all my questions. I sensed she was also communicating with someone constantly on her phone. Although I did not suspect infidelity, I wanted to be sure she was not into something illegal since she was into real estate. I contacted Digital Investigation for help and an analysis of her phone revealed that she was in a terrible financial mess with some people, so I decided to confront her and she just said she did not want to worry me. We are now working together towards a resolution.
  • "Hacker from the Badlands"
    My fiancé is from the badlands of South Dakota and although it did not sound so ominous at first, I got a taste of what his relatives were capable of, when after a visit to his hometown my laptop and phone started behaving weirdly, and I also got weird popups with sexual undertones on my laptop. I am a trader and thus tuned in to the speed of my devices and was pretty sure that somebody has hacked into them. I contacted Digital Investigation whose forensics analysis of the devices confirmed the same and, on their advice, have added extra layers of security.
  • "The Digital Truth"
    Nothing hurts more than your supposed soulmate being unfaithful but it is always better knowing the truth and moving on rather than being stuck forever in doubt; this digital truth was provided to me by Digital Investigation when they investigated my spouse’s devices and found evidence of infidelity. Since then I have filed for divorce and full custody of our kids.
  • "Great Company"
    thanks for help.
  • "Hopes Belied"
    My hopes for our marriage was belied when just 10 months into it I noticed an extremely vulgar response from someone on her WhatsApp. When questioned she said it was her office colleague and he is often rude, but I was not satisfied. I contacted Digital Investigation who, in a matter of a few days, uncovered the sickening truth that she was sexually involved with three other men. I could do nothing else but file for divorce.
  • "Spied on all Fronts"
    I packed my bags and moved to my friend’s place when I suspected that all of my devices have been compromised and I started communicating with others using my friend’s landline. I am ex-Navy and have to say earned a few lifelong foes because of my reserved nature, but I never believed that it would spill over into my civilian life. I contacted Digital Investigation whose examination of my devices and subsequent report and advice mitigated the intensity of the intrusion somewhat, I guess just solely on the strength of my being able to send out a message that I was not alone.
  • "Commendable Work"
    After our divorce, my ex got partial custody of our kids, 2 days a week, but I was uncomfortable even with that and wanted it to be revised to supervised visits only, the reason being that he was a dope user and I felt was a bad influence on the kids. To get the requisite evidence I contacted Digital Investigation and they were able to chalk out a plan. Although finally, I got only unsupervised visits, it was less scary than leaving my kids completely under the care of an addict for 2 whole days a week.

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