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Customer Reviews

  • "Sextortionist from"
    In a series of manipulative moves a girl from got in possession of some personal photos and videos of mine and threatened to expose them to my wife unless I wired her some $5000 via MoneyGram. I tried sending her some gift cards hoping to distract her but she was resolute and I had no option other than to seek professional help in the form of Digital Forensics Corp, who knew how to deal with such new age online criminals. Thank You, Digital Forensics Corp!
  • "Digital Investigation in Attempted Murder Case"
    I was instructed by my firm to contact a few forensic investigation companies to analyze a video from an image of a hard disk. This was for an attempted murder case our firm was handling. We finally settled on Digital Forensics Corp based on reputation and costs and the outcome too proved to be very satisfactory. Would certainly recommend their services.
  • "Analyzing Possible Data Breach"
    When rootkits masking surreptitious online entry were found on a remote terminal our Management acted swiftly and brought in the cybersecurity expert Digital Forensics Corp for investigation. Fortunately, it looked like our firewall was able to prevent the intruders from entering the client database. Appreciate the quick response from Digital Forensics Corp though.
  • "Helped with My Daughter’s Case"
    My late teens daughter (who is still not an adult) foolishly got into a conversation with a man on Chatous and exchanged pictures. This man, who seemed to be a pedophile besides being a blackmailer threatened posting of pictures. My daughter came to me about this after directly contacting Digital Forensics Corp who of course had refused to help her, since she was technically still a child. I followed up with them and I could see they made a sincere effort to track down this man. They had some success although more needs to be done as of the time of writing this review.
  • "Sextorted Through Badoo and Kik"
    I was lured by a girl on and she later made me exchange explicit pictures with her through Kik. She then suddenly announced that her birthday is soon due and wondered if I could gift her a $2000 gift card. I was flummoxed by this proposal and tried to evade it but she kept at it and eventually turned nasty and started blackmailing. I contacted Digital Forensics Corp who were able to help me in this regard; much appreciate their help.
  • "DateinAsia Woes"
    I met a guy on DateinAsia and I really began to feel we may have something going and I accepted his offer to come on Facebook and later Skype to exchange photos and videos. I even exchanged a semi-explicit video through Skype once I was more comfortable. But the very next day of doing so he asked me to loan him $5000, said he needs to go back to Hong Kong on urgent family matters. I told him I do not carry such cash on me and he turned bitter and then started to threaten. I was unsure what to do when a good friend suggested contacting the cyber-harassment expert, Digital Forensics Corp. I was glad to find out on contacting them that they really had a solution for situations like mine. Really grateful for their help.
  • "Criminal Litigation Support"
    I would like to thank Digital Forensics Corp for all their help and support in a criminal litigation case, in which their extracted evidence finally proved to be the difference.
  • "Maliciously Blackmailed on OkCupid"
    I instantly hit off with a girl on OkCupid and she immediately wanted me to come and join her on Hangouts for a gala time. But then she started recording and I got uncomfortable and my worst fears came true when she started demanding money for not sharing the video with others. I was deliberating what to do next when I remembered an online ad from the past and contacted Digital Forensics Corp. I was really impressed by their methods and would surely recommend them to anyone in such a situation.
  • "Suspected IP Theft Check"
    When our IT person notified us of certain incidents on our server and the possible access of our client database, our doubts immediately fell upon the recently fired sales manager. We enlisted the help of the company Digital Forensics Corp to check on the digital trail and we were satisfied with the services provided by them.
  • "Skout Scoundrel"
    I thought I had met a hip & happening guy on Skout and he later asked for my photos in revealing attire and I obliged, but he turned out to be a scoundrel who started blackmailing me. I blocked him but he kept texting and threatening and I got tired and contacted the sextortion expert, Digital Forensics Corp, who I think were able to send him back into whatever hole he had crawled out of.
  • "Thorough Investigation of QuickBooks "
    When our small business faltered due to suspected mismanagement of finances, we had a third-party forensics accounting specialist look through our QuickBooks thoroughly so that we can identify the grey areas and thoroughly overhaul the system. We knew no one can be particularly blamed and it was just the company’s philosophy that was at fault here. We enlisted the services of Digital Forensics Corp for this purpose and we were reasonably satisfied with the service rendered by them although we had our misgivings over one or two things.
  • "Unpleasant Experience on Whisper "
    When a man started chatting with me on Whisper and asked me to join him on Skype, I thought next to nothing of it at that time. I just exchanged some normal photos but was shocked when he sent back some of it morphed showing my privates and said would be making a one-page website with these and make it online if I do not chat with him on Skype in the nude. I gave him a big piece of my mind and blocked him everywhere but he still managed to send me an email from another id. I decided to seek professional help and phoned into Digital Forensics Corp who seemed to have a professional solution to this problem. Will surely recommend them if you are being cyber-harassed.
  • "Ex-Comptroller’s Misappropriation"
    I and our top brass felt that the ex-comptroller may have cooked the books to subvert funds for her vested use, so I was requested, as the new comptroller to find an agency and investigate both offline and online aspects of the bookkeeping for the past 2 years. I took care of the offline but for investigation of QuickBooks and a proprietary system as well as email exchanges I sought the help of the digital forensic expert, Digital Forensics Corp. Our combined investigation supplied enough evidence for the Management to sue the ex-comptroller if they decide so. That decision is still pending.
  • "Uncovering Doctored Video"
    We were having some land disputes with our neighbor and it so happened that one day it boiled over to an open altercation with some physicality involved. Next thing you know we were filing a suit in a court of law and the video the opposing party produced had all traces of physicality removed and in fact showed us in a bad light. We were sure it had been doctored and thus we requested that the video be examined by an independent third party and Digital Forensics Corp was the company chosen to do this. They did find evidence of editing/tampering of the original video and thus it came to pass that the ruling was in our favor and we finally managed to settle this dispute once and for all.
  • "Blackmailed Viciously Through Facebook"
    A woman befriended me on Facebook and was naughty in what she said and asked me if I wanted to video chat with her on Google Hangouts. I knew where this was headed but I thought, hell so what, and was soon exposing myself while she recorded. The next day I got an email from a man, perhaps her handler, who wanted money in exchange for not sharing the video with my friends and family. I wanted to lash out but held back and instead contacted Digital Forensics Corp for help. Luckily for me they were able to provide a solution which really put an end to this blackmailing.
  • "Captured on Kinkoo"
    I was aimlessly browsing dating sites looking for spice and I found it on Kinkoo in the form of a girl who was into voodoo art and wanted me to come on Skype and do certain things. She captured me on video and sent a modified video back which contained weird elements including exposure of private parts. Suddenly she asked for money saying she needs to hold a Voodoo party later that night and I flatly said no. She wanted to know then if I would like to become the butt of my friends’ jokes and that she is going to share that video with them. I could sense malice oozing out of the pixels and decided to fight fire with fire and contacted the digital forensics experts Digital Forensics Corp. They were able to provide a viable resolution to my problem.
  • "Payroll Data Breach "
    We are a small manufacturing firm employing approximately 30 production machinists and we suspected that there may have been a breach of our payroll data. We immediately contacted Digital Forensics Corp, whom we had consulted a few months ago in regards to our cybersecurity setup. They rendered excellent service at this critical juncture. Keep up the good work!
  • "Passionate Woman a Damp Squib "
    I met a so-called Iranian origin passionate woman on who spoke of lust in an eccentric but attractive way and soon I was saying vile things about my wife to her. Then suddenly one day said she has to go back to her home country, because her father had died, and wanted me to loan her $5000. I was shocked, more at the amount of money she was asking, and sent her $200, but she kept coming back. She then adopted a threatening posture and I decided to play it tough myself and contacted Digital Forensics Corp who put her in her right place.
  • "Bamboozled on Skout"
    I was doing good-natured socializing on Skout when this girl solicited and made me move to Skype and got me to undress. I obliged because she was cute, but then the next moment after recording my video she was not so cute when she demanded money for not releasing my video to my friends. I told her she is a creep and I have no money to which she said my friends may have some and maybe willing to help me. I finally contacted Digital Forensics Corp and their methods were able to make the girl go away.
  • "Evidence in a Motor Vehicle Accident"
    Our client was wrongfully implicated in a motor vehicle accident and for this we needed the extraction of a video from a damaged camera recorder which had been mounted on our client’s vehicle. Towards this end we contacted Digital Forensics Corp and they were able to successfully perform the task for us.
  • "Slip and Fall Video"
    Our law firm sought the services of the company Digital Forensics Corp in regards to a slip-and-fall injury one of our clients had experienced. We wanted enhancement of a surveillance video capturing this mishap and the final product rendered to us by Digital Forensics Corp was highly satisfactory.
  • "Blackmailed Through Tinder"
    I thought I had hit on my Tinderella and was looking forward to meet her when she insisted we do a dirty video call through Hangouts. I obliged in order to not displease but found to my dismay she was just a cheap blackmailer out to get some money. I had heard of Digital Forensics Corp and contacted them for help. Their methods ensured that this person went away without causing too much trouble.
  • "IP Theft Issue"
    I was trying to find out if a certain employee was passing on classified IP documents to a competitor but got no sure-fire answers using internal methods. So after consulting Management I decided to bring in the company Digital Forensics Corp and their methods proved decisive in confirming this was happening.
  • "Criminal Investigation Deleted Messages"
    My daughter may have been involved with a gang who had an assortment of criminal activities to their credit, and when she was injured in an apparent hit-and-run I was pretty sure the gang had to do something with it and I immediately wanted her devices be investigated by a third party after the Police closed the case as hit and run. I approached Digital Forensics Corp for this purpose and their investigation and subsequent report had emboldened me to approach the cops once more. An investigation is ongoing.
  • "Femme Fatale from Skout"
    I was scouting for girls on Skout one Saturday night and hooked up with a swell-looking female and we later moved to Facebook and started chatting and she asked for my pictures, that too without clothes, and I obliged. She came back to bite my back the next day, asking for money and threatening to release the photos to all my friends and family and I got scared and contacted the sextortion experts Digital Forensics Corp. They patiently listened to me and later took me under their wings to help me out with this femme fatale from Skout.
  • "Good Samaritan Blackmailer"
    A girl sent a friend’s request on Facebook, to which I responded after nearly a month, but surprisingly she seemed to pounce on it and wanted me to video chat on Hangouts without clothes. I went ahead and then the next day she was asking me to send $3000 to some orphanage in Thailand. I said no and she kept sending me texts about the goodness of charity, then one day there was a change in the nature of her messages and she started threatening. I reached out to Digital Forensics Corp and they were able to help me out with this girl. Will surely recommend them for such threats.
  • "Double-crossed on Tinder"
    I was solicited by a man on Tinder who convinced me to send some topless pictures to him in return for some money and modeling opportunities, but as it turned out he just blocked me. I was not comfortable with this situation and messaged him from another ID asking him to delete my stuff to which he just replied he wanted more explicit pictures or else I am toast. I immediately reached out to Digital Forensics Corp and they were able to provide cyber-harassment counseling and help which really helped me in tackling this man.
  • "Ex-flame Threatening Me"
    I did not even imagine for a minute that a brief fling with a man from way past (more than 6 years ago) could come back and hurt me now, but it did when I suddenly starting getting messages and MMS’es from an unknown number reminding me of this. Although the pictures were nothing explicit they would surely expose the relationship and may hurt my marriage which has been relatively happy with kids in the picture as well. I was not sure how to deal with this, when I happened to come across a company who claimed they can help, Digital Forensics Corp. Following consultation with them, I agreed to use their service, and I am glad to admit it proved effective in stopping this ex-flame from blackmailing me further.
  • "Sugar daddy blackmailer "
    A guy from Kinkoo offered to be my sugar daddy and for want of money I sent some pictures with mild nudity, but he failed to pay up, and instead threatened to send the pictures to my husband on Facebook unless I sent him more explicit pictures. I discussed this with a friend and she suggested contacting the sextortion experts Digital Forensics Corp, who were very polite, and explained my rights, and tackled this man and put him in his place.
  • "Cajoled on Kinkoo"
    I was cajoled into exchanging dirty pictures by a man on Kinkoo and when he later started blackmailing me for money I just told my mother who called Digital Forensics Corp, and their help went a long way in ensuring I did not face online shaming.
  • "Business Smear Campaign"
    Due to a certain turn of events the relationship between me and my girlfriend’s family soured to the point that I suspected they had started a smear campaign against my business and encouraging people to give bad reviews. I decided to counter this professionally without dragging my girlfriend into it and contacted Digital Forensics Corp who were able to help me obliterate this smear campaign.
  • "Hell’s Angel from Skout"
    I met this girl on Skout and she seemed nice enough such that I agreed to her request on Facebook. Once there she immediately video-called with not a trace of cloth on her and insisted I do the same. I was hesitant at first but then began shedding and it looked like she had started recording. Subsequent day she started blackmailing for money, as simple as that. I said no and she mockingly asked if I wanted my friends and family to see my assets. I asked suggestion from a friend and he advised me to call Digital Forensics Corp whose services he seemed to have used before. True to their reputation they helped me to safely extricate myself from this Hell’s Angel from Skout.
  • "Scam on Kik"
    I started talking to what seemed like a nice guy on Kik and he later befriended me on Facebook and I sent him some photos, but then got a rude shock when one of the photos came back topless. I understood what he was and he demanded $3000 to keep the photo between ourselves. By this time, I was furious and decided to contact Digital Forensics Corp rather than cave in and true to their word they helped me out of this predicament.
  • "Calculation of Loss Estimate "
    When we needed a calculation of loss estimate for the plaintiff, who was claiming huge losses as a result of our client’s actions, we decided to contact Digital Forensics Corp, whose Forensics Accounting Department came highly recommended. True to their ratings we found their work very satisfactory.
  • "OkCupid Danger"
    My friend got herself tangled with a guy from OkCupid and he started blackmailing her over some photos she had shared. We searched online desperately and came across Digital Forensics Corp as someone who could help in such situations and contacted them on their 24-hour emergency line. Their unusually quick response time and effective strategy saved my friend from possible public humiliation. Would surely recommend them.
  • "Instagram Blackmailer "
    I am an older woman who fell to the charms of a slightly younger man on Instagram. When he later asked me to move to Skype, I did so readily and he recorded a video of mine in which I was seen partially undressing. What he had in store for me next shook me to my foundations as I was not used to cyber-bullying. The next day he emailed me part of the clip and told me bluntly that if I did not want him to share it with my friends, he would like me to send him $3000. I was doing very well and could have easily paid him, but something ticked within me, and I decided to contact Digital Forensics Corp for help. What ensued ensured that I heard the last from him.
  • "Older Man on POF"
    I am in my late 30’s and was messaged by a supposedly much older man on We gelled on many levels including our love of the blues. It felt nothing like a scam and the subsequent day I was comfortable enough to share some intimate photos. No sooner had I done this, his communication tone changed and it was as if he was a whole new person. He said he had some financial issues and would be grateful if I can lend him $5000. I knew this was a lie and told him I had no money to which he slyly replied he knew I did. I blocked him and contacted a company I knew helped with such blackmailing, Digital Forensics Corp. They guided me on what to do and stepped into my shoes and prevented this from escalating. Thankful for their assistance.
  • "Trapped on Kinkoo"
    Fetish is not my cup of tea but when a friend suggested that I try Kinkoo, I found myself lured by a kinky looking Thai/Japanese girl purporting to be out of Little Tokyo. After being lured by her to Google Hangouts, where she made me record a video, I realized this may not turn out well after all, and I was right when she demanded $2500 for not sending the video to my friends and family and I cursed my stupidity. I then contacted Digital Forensics Corp, who came recommended by the same friend, and I found that they really had a solid plan in place to tackle such cyber menaces. Thanks to them, I am now out of the trap.
  • "Dangerous Tweets"
    Out of the blue I started getting tweets from an unknown person about how cute my girlfriend is (whose photos I had on Instagram) and how they would like to spend some time with her in case I did not want her to be hurt. I was not sure if this was an empty hoax or a serious threat and contacted Digital Forensics Corp, who helped me out in this critical and confusing scenario. Their work was able to shed some light on the identity of the person and their methods finally stopped the threats.
  • "Trouble on Whisper"
    When I was contacted by a guy on Whisper, I never imagined it would get intimate over a span of a few days, but it did and then he asked me to move over to Skype as he wanted to see “more of me”. I was naïve enough to allow him to record a video and it came back to hurt me. He wanted money all of a sudden and when I refused, he threatened to send the video to my family and friends. I was worried and was not sure what can be done when a friend suggested contacting Digital Forensics Corp and despite my doubts about anyone being able to help, it all turned out well for me.
  • "Blackmailed on Skout"
    I was lured by a guy on Skout and after falling to his online charms was ready to move to Skype for more. Although I do not flirt that easily this guy seemed very cute and it was easy for me to do things I never did before, but to my horror, I got a message from him to part with $3000 or he may share the video with my friends. I told my friend who said she had once heard her office colleague refer to Digital Forensic Corp for such help. I contacted them and was glad to find that they really can do something about all this and I got rid of the malicious man for good.
  • "Sugar daddy on Kinko"
    I am from China studying in the States and I met a guy on Kinko who wanted to be my sugar daddy. I assumed it was a good thing and started sending intimate messages and even semi-exposed photos. The person then came back the next day and asked for money. I was not sure what to do since I was using dating apps for the first time and contacted Digital Forensics Corp who came suggested by my university friend. I would like to thank them for the help they extended, although for a university student the cost was on the heavy side.
  • "Chatous Encounter"
    I was suggested Chatous by a colleague as a great new socializing platform and started interacting with people on it. It seemed no different from any other new app until an oriental but attractive looking girl started chatting and then later befriended me on Facebook. From there we moved onto Skype and I started exposing myself while she recorded. I then got a rude shock when the oriental girl turned into a man from Ivory Coast and wanted to send my videos to my friends and family on FB. In order not to do so he demanded $5000. I knew he won’t stop even if he got the money, thus Googled to see if any company helped out with such situations and that is how found Digital Forensics Corp. Their intervention literally saved my hide.
  • "Antichrist on Antichat"
    When my bohemian friend suggested a new chatting app for hooking up, I was eager to try it but then became easy bait for a blackmailer who posed as a very pretty girl. Soon he had my exposed pictures/videos and was threatening to post it on YouTube as a separate channel. I asked my friend what to do but he was clueless and we both searched online and found a company, Digital Forensics Corp, with good reviews who were helping customers with such issues. I contacted them and I believe their intervention was the main reason why the blackmailer stopped contacting me. Thus, would surely recommend and would give at least 4 stars.
  • "Data Breach Response Plan"
    Our small clinic experienced an incident of patient information data breach and we had to bring in Digital Forensics Corp to put into action the response plan we had in place. They helped us to determine if a notification is in order by investigating the harm threshold in this instance of breach. Recommend their good work.
  • "Instagram Blackmailing"
    I was drawn to a girl on Instagram and she was very friendly and sweet (although she looked Thai) and we quickly moved onto FB messenger for more intimate things. After 2 days she asked me to wire some money in order to help tsunami victims. When I pointed out that was 15 years ago, she got angry and said she will ruin my life. I got my first taste of the character of an online blackmailer and told one of my friends who suggested approaching Digital Forensics Corp. Their methods instantly bore results and the girl stopped contacting me in about a couple of weeks.
  • "Breach Contained"
    We were positive that our customer information database had been breached or was being breached based on certain indicator incidents witnessed, and as have been instructed contacted Digital Forensics Corp whose timely intervention contained the breach and the severity of it. We will definitely recommend their service.
  • "Adultfriendfinder Blackmailer"
    I never thought that my trips to porn sites would follow me home one day and this was what exactly happened when I got a call from a foreign-sounding guy after a visit to I had given the least amount of information possible but this guy still sent me links to my FB home page and threatened to release what I had shared on the website to my FB friends. I searched online and contacted Digital Forensics Corp who claimed to have a lot of expertise in these matters. Although initially I was skeptical, their methods finally bore results and I would give them 4 stars.
  • "Man on Meetme"
    I went in neck deep with a guy from Meetme and was almost about to drown after exchanging some pictures with him when a friend of mine asked me to contact Digital Forensics Corp who were experts in dealing with this sort of online crime. Thanks to them I managed to get out of this online blackmailing mess without much scars. Thank You, Digital Forensics Corp.
  • "Voodoo on Badoo"
    In a way I was voodooed by an angelic looking Thai girl on Badoo to expose myself only to be woken up next day to a crude nightmare in the form of an email from a man from Nigeria who demanded $3000 or be exposed. I contacted Digital Forensics Corp who proactively handled the matter and brought it to a quick resolution. Many thanks.
  • "Lady from Meetme"
    I was stupid and exchanged pictures with a lady from Meetme who later morphed them revealing things I had not revealed and threatened to send it to all of my friends on Facebook. It was Digital Forensics Corp who were finally able to provide a viable solution to this kind of online blackmailing. If you have been foolish enough to have done what I had done, look no further than Digital Forensics Corp, they will save you time, money, and of course save you from embarrassing yourself.
  • "Impending Cyberattack "
    When a senior lead developer left our organization in a dispute, we were convinced that an impending cyberattack is surely on the cards. Though we of course had an in-house IT Dept we brought in Digital Forensics Corp to make sure that our online systems are secure enough to ward off any impending cyberattack. They did a good job and we would surely recommend their services.
  • "They Made it Count"
    We had only one opportunity at a subpoenaed personal laptop of an ex-employee and although he must have deleted most of the incriminating evidence Digital Forensics Corp were able to image and pull off enough evidence against him, such that it proved that an IP theft indeed had occurred. The case has now gone to trial.
  • "Blackmailer Still Being Pursued"
    A person on Facebook befriended me and he seemed nice and I felt comfortable after a few days to move the conversation to Skype. I knew that there were fraudsters everywhere online but this seemed genuine and I did not feel uncomfortable in revealing myself to him. Things went downhill from thereon and he started blackmailing and I had to contact Digital Forensics Corp to put them on his trail. He has posted a picture once or twice on FB but we had that flagged and they are still pursuing this blackmailer.
  • "Cyberharassment In Office Politics "
    My husband is a top-level manager in one of the upcoming online trading firms and there surfaced allegations of online sexual harassment from one of the junior level employees. Furthermore, she claimed it came from a profile of an online dating site and not through the intraoffice messenger. I advised my husband to contact Digital Forensics Corp, of whom I had known through a friend. They got involved in my husband’s case and proved conclusively that the profile was not created by my husband and thus he was exonerated.
  • "Sextorted on Tinder"
    I met this cute-looking girl on Tinder and we then moved over to hangouts and started exchanging intimate videos and then she kind of fizzled out. The next day she came online and showed me stock pictures of starving children and said she wanted to help them. This sounded so goofy I started laughing but she was serious and wanted me to provide her with $5000, if not she will ruin my life. I was so taken aback by the statement that I did not say anything for 5 whole minutes. I later contacted Digital Forensics Corp, who have handled hundreds of such cases per their claim, and they elucidated their time-tested method of stopping such cyber criminals. I agreed to give it a try and have no regrets. It works.
  • "MeetMe Blackmailer"
    Met a guy on MeetMe, got intimate, exchanged pictures, then was jolted into reality when he asked me to record an extremely debasing video and I refused. He threatened to release morphed versions of what he already had if I did not listen. I contacted Digital Forensics Corp who helped me in confronting this MeetMe blackmailer with the desired result.
  • "Business Defamation Halted"
    Our small business was facing defamation when someone accessed our database and somehow made some of our past irate customers get in touch with existing current customers using spoofed numbers. We were unsure how to proceed with this sort of cyber crime and contacted Digital Forensics Corp whose expertise in such matters really came to our aid and we managed to track down the culprit and bring to an end his nefarious activities.
  • "Video Analysis on Phone"
    I was facing a criminal charge involving a video and since the prosecutors were claiming different things at different times, I and my lawyer started doubting the integrity of their investigation and decided to hire our own forensics expert, in the form of Digital Forensics Corp to analyze the video. Their impartial and expert analysis finally managed to exonerate me from the criminal charge. Would surely recommend them based on this good work.
  • "Walking Tour Business Restored"
    Clients are the lifeline of any business and if they start getting poached then the business of course is toast. I run a small walking tour business and although business was not overwhelming, it was still good, enough to pay 2 part-time guides. As of late I started noticing a rival getting nearly 70% of the business in the area. I am not much of an online guy and I asked my people to look into our cyber profiles and see if everything was fine. Since they were unable to find much, I contacted Digital Forensics Corp whose analysis of our website and also our profiles at the various review sites indicated commercial disparagement of the small kind. Soon they got an IP and we threatened the person with dire consequences if they did not stop. Now, things are back to normal with everyone having their rightful share of the pie, thanks to Digital Forensics Corp.
  • "Angel from Hell"
    I was aware of the dangers of online dating but who could resist one’s Tinderella and I jumped right into it, videos and all in hopes of meeting her in person..only to be disappointed in a bad way. Her asking money to not disclose the videos was like adding insult to injury and I contacted Digital Forensics Corp, who made the angel from Hell go away..
  • "IP Theft Help"
    When one of the partners of our small law firm opted out due to conflicts with other partners we were unsure as to how this was going to impact us, but we never imagined that this would take the avatar of his trying to steal our Intellectual Property, as we subsequently found out through Digital Forensics Corp’s help. Thanks to the evidence compiled by Digital Forensics Corp we were able to reach a solution without resorting to the courts.
  • "Online Blackmailing Halted"
    5 of course is not an ideal place for finding your soulmate but I was fascinated by this one pretty girl and started getting intimate and exchanging videos. I got the shock of my life when the “she” turned out to be a “he” and started blackmailing me. At the recommendation of a friend I turned to Digital Forensics Corp for help who managed to put an end to the nightmare.
  • "No actionable evidence, computer returned smashed, hung up on multiple times"
    Even when 5 different Tier 3 Apple Techs confirmed that my computers were hacked and that I should go to the authorities, Digital Forensics came back with nothing more than 4 of my emails being sold on the dark web. I could have told them that. At best, they are incompetent and at worse they are simply a clean up crew for law enforcement agencies that have violated our constitutional rights by hacking US citizens devices without a warrant. When they finally returned my devices, my computer was smashed and when I asked them to pay for it they said they didn't do it and blamed it on FedEx. FedEx said all the needed was for Digital Forensics to write a waiver letter on letter head paper saying they would not seek damages, but DF's hangs up on me every time I call in. When I use a different phone line and finally do get in to talk to someone, they lie to me saying they will contact me the next day and send the waiver, it never happens. They wanted me to pay more for Phase II but it's obvious they are scamming people.
  • "Digital Forensics is the company to trust in moments when you need to know who not to trust and who to trust."
    Peace of mind, facts that helped me organize my life. Security was the most important issue why I contacted them. They have been outstanding, professional and my life is getting better and better thanks to their services. I recommend them to everyone in similar situations. If you need answers don't wait, the sooner the better. One of the best decisions of my life. I wish I had seen the red flags yrs ago.
  • " Good communication and service."
    I didn't know a lot about my child father and his where about to take him to court for child support so I had to hire Digital Forensics Corporation to find out his location and more for evidence. Good communication and service.
  • "Great service!"
    Digital Forensics Corp, worked around the clock to ensure that our organization financial security was up to date and they have been available 24/7 in case of emergency request.
  • "If you have need for digital, or data investigations, this is the place to go."
    If you have need for digital, or data investigations, this is the place to go. They respond within minutes, as little as 10 minutes! They are professional, and they put their credentials on their site! You can go to the GSA, and there they are. The price was fantastic, and reasonable! Oh! Did I mention they are available 24/7? So no waiting for business hours, all hours are business hours so they are there when you need them! No question, you've found your answer.
  • "Thank you for your fast and professional digital forensics service."
    Thank you for your fast and professional digital forensics service. The detail & evidence provided was compelling and gave us confidence in the service we could expect & did receive. I would definitely recommend them to other companies looking for an extremely proactive and professional organization that they can trust.
  • "The case turned out in my favor."
    I needed Digital Forensics Corp for a case I was involved in regarding a civil court matter. Contacting an attorney and deciding to carry on a case is very stressful. In the event you can't afford the best lawyer or one at all it is important to be able to gather your own information. I was pleased to see the website had a video with a tour of the lab. The web is full of scam services, so I vet any business I need to use. I called Digital Forensics Corp early in the morning. I was informed about packages and what they could offer me. I am very happy with the service. The case turned out in my favor.

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Digital Forensics Corp. is recognized as a North American leader in digital forensics—extracting, preserving, analyzing and documenting Electronically Stored Information from computers, cellphones, RAID arrays, SSD drives and other devices. Through a network of locations across the United States and Canada, DFC works with corporations, attorneys, private investigators and individuals to uncover and document digital evidence for use in civil, criminal and business investigations.

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