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    Nice place of business, couldn't be more pleased with there service!

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What we offer

Are You A Victim Of Online Blackmail Or Sextortion?

We'll Help You Fight Back And Keep Explicit Images Off The Internet. 24/7 assistance from team of investigators & cyber security experts


Understanding Our Fast, Discreet Services
  • Stop The Blackmail : This is our specialty. We make the criminals go away.
  • Crisis Management : If material is published online, we can get it taken down.
  • Absolute Privacy : We sign Non-Disclosure Agreements with every client.


Don't Let Sextortionists Destroy Your Family Life and Reputation

What happens if someone shares your personal, explicit photos or video online? The risks are horrifying:
  • FAMILY: Your family life could be in ruins, possibly even leading to divorce or loss of parental rights.
  • JOB: Your professional reputation could be destroyed. You could even lose your job.
  • FRIENDS: You could lose the trust of friends. They might never look you in the eye again.

How We Track Down Blackmailers?

Individuals, small businesses and large corporations are open to these online attacks. In such cases, the perpetrators hide their identities, attacking you from the internet shadows. We can expose them. Our proprietary system lets us follow the digital footprints to track down IP addresses, cell phone numbers, email addresses, social media accounts and even specific devices used in these crimes. We can identify online harassers or extortionists with a high degree of success.
  • Identify Criminals
  • Document Harassment
  • Gather Evidence
  • Take Control


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October 12, 2015

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