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  • "Fantastic Services"
    I had my 4 years old hard drive failure and have my all the data only in that drive not having any other copy so data was very important, hard drive was fully dead, I was looking for reliable and reasonable price services. Finally I found what I was looking, they help me quickly and I got my full data. Thanks got I found them on time. Well expert hardware engineer. Supportive and friendly
  • "I would definitely like to recommend them to others"
    External HDD of my computer stopped working last week. I searched for data recovery service in the web and found Data Recoup Recovery. Read their reviews and they were accurate. I would definitely like to recommend them to others for any Dard drive related problems.
  • "Amazing customer service"
    First of all I thank DATARECOUP Recovery Services to make my problem solved. Really I face a big problem with my computer and i lost my hope to recover my hard drive with important data. But DATARECOUP solve my problem with great care. I am very much satisfied with their service. Hope they do better in future
  • "AmI've never been more impressed with a Data recovery Service"
    I've never been more impressed with a data recovery company in my life. I have a Raid 4 that contains all of my life's work held on it. From pictures of my babies to extremely important intellectual property, my Raid held my life. When the system crashed on me, i thought all was lost. Brian at Datarecoup talked to me like a stern businessman, and through his guidance I've recovered 75% of my data. I asked three other "companies," for help and they gave me ridiculous prices that were no where near my budget. Brian gave me options and set proper expectations. I may have lost 25% of my data but without Datarecoup my life would have been flipped upside down, because you can not simply get back very old pictures of loved ones.

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What we offer

Our Company

DataRecoup has more than 100 offices across the U.S. and Canada. Our team includes highly trained customer service representatives and licensed, certified engineers.

Our Services

Our highly-trained engineers are able to recover data from all types of media devices, including RAID arrays, HHD/SSD, email files, databases, VMWare, laptops, desktops, Apple devices and much more.

Who We Are

We are industry-leading data recovery experts and state-of-the-art R&D pioneers in our field. With more than 100 offices across the U.S. and Canada, and 12 years of experience, we have successfully recovered data from more than 90,000 drives.

Our Advantage

With flexible turnaround times, FREE diagnostics, FREE local pick-up, knowledgable service representatives, licensed/certified electrical engineers and more than 100 office locations nationwide, our recovery services are customized to meet your needs.


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