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Recovering your data is our top priority. No recovery is too small or too big for our data recovery team.

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Our expert RAID recovery engineers specialize in restoring critical data from a variety of RAID array storage media; including RAID 0, RAID 1, and RAID 5.
Our technicians are trained to locate isolated groups of data that remain on your hard-drive that are not recognized by the operating system, even if the device is damaged.
If your VMware/Hyper-V data has been lost or damaged, we can provide you with non-disruptive testing of centralized recovery systems for all virtualized applications.
When your computer crashes, our technicians are able to recover your lost data from any type of PC or laptop, regardless of year, make or model.
Our trained specialists are able to reconstruct all or part of the database contents by recovering data from the original database or repairing backup files.
Our certified technicians use advanced software that pairs with Android / iOS technology to retrieve and restore lost data from your Apple products.


Customer Reviews

  • "I'm glad I found Data Retrieval!"
    When my laptop broke, I thought that was it; Everything is gone. I'm glad I looked up what to do and found Data Retrieval! I recommend using them if you need to retrieve data.
  • "This company is amazing"
    This company is amazing. I can't believe the magic they can to retrieve information off devices. Highly recommend.

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