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  • "Do not buy from Inman, greasy salesman"
    Inman is a greasy, fraud of a salesman. Do not buy used from “Car Time”. Their cars are junk, they’ll reset service engine codes and screw you over.
  • "Horrible Experience"
    Do not waste your time/money here. Watch out for sleazeball salesman “Inman”. What a trash company! Their “mechanic” is the cheapest around. They will lie about repairs/vehicle condition to sell.
  • "Don’t buy from here"
    Do not buy from here. They sold us a junk car and now won't respond. They said they fixed the heater/replaced it and it's 35 degrees out and we have no heat. They'll fix a used car up just enough to sell, then leave you high and dry. We put barely 1,000 miles into the vehicle and it already needs a new battery, new engine, new tires and spark plugs, etc. They have two locations, so watch out for any bad "Car Time" locations.

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